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Our Mission

It is the mission of Randall Hyland Private School to provide a quality early childhood development program for families of the metropolitan area. Our goal is to provide activities that will enhance the socio-emotional, psychomotor and cognitive skills of each child while simultaneously promoting a positive self-concept through every aspect of the program. It is also paramount to provide a warm and caring environment where children are encouraged to develop their unique potentials and skills.

Implementation of Mission

Learning is a dynamic and ongoing process for all involved. The administration and teaching staff, as well as parents and the community, all play integral roles in executing our mission. Involving all of these components allows flexibility in providing opportunities to make our program more exciting and complete. Information is regularly provided to staff and parents on the availability of training programs and workshops. Administrative and teaching staffs are required to further their professional development by pursuing training in their particular discipline. Incentives, such as paid leave and tuition assistance, are offered to staff members who take advantage of the different training opportunities.

We believe in the old African adage that it takes an entire village to raise a child. Therefore, we are committed to including the community in fulfilling our mission. Community involvement includes our school’s participation in community activities, such as parades and performances, as well as other requests. We place special emphasis on service to senior citizens, including the development of a Grandparents’ Volunteer Program. On-the-job training is also available for high school students and potential employees.

It is our belief that Success Is Never Finished. The importance of striving to reach for the highest level of achievement is stressed to the entire Randall Hyland Private School family. When reaching toward the letter of success, the school’s administration places special emphasis on maintaining balance in one’s professional and personal life. Empowering others to perform tasks and developing a trust in the judgment of others allows the administrative staff to pursue social, physical and spiritual outlets, in addition to furthering professional development. Such a balance brings about leadership effectiveness in the best interest of our organization and to those we serve.

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