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Creative Curriculum
Through the Creative Curriculum, students are encouraged to develop their own potential and skills. It is highly individualized to promote achievement at a pace that is enjoyable yet challenging. The learning center concept provides additional experiences complimentary to a creative learning environment.
Broad Objectives
Randall Hyland Private School’s child development center is concerned with the positive development of children.
The program will
  1. Provide effective classroom and outdoor experiences to foster the growth and development of the child.
  2. Allow adequate opportunities for children to express themselves freely through many forms of media.
  3. Maintain conditions appropriate for each individual’s growth and development.
  4. Provide many opportunities for social growth and development.
  5. Develop from the immediate environment of the children.
  6. Utilize the experience of the children.
In general, under trained supervision and through rich and varied experiences, the program will provide a happy, healthful atmosphere in which to stimulate the child’s intellectual, social and physical growth.

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